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Jenny's Cosmetic Tattoo

& Academy


15819 - Stony Plain Road

Edmonton, Alberta


I have some exciting news. I am now offering permanent concealer tattoo training. This service is very new to North America and you will be one of the few artists to offer this unique service to your clients.

Permanent under eye concealer is a semi permanent makeup treatment designed to recreate the effects of regular concealer to camouflage dark circles under the eyes, but this affect is achieved through the injection of pigments into the skin.

Permanent concealer tattoo lighten up the skin under the eyes, smooth out the fine line wrinkles, hide under eye bags and dark circles without applying daily concealer on.

Goal is to help your clients to save time and gain confidence.

I will teach you how to customize the shades of concealer to match client’s skin tones and undertones, camouflage techniques, work with different skin types and pros and cons of the treatment to achieve the best results.

Course Outline

Product Knowledge

Proper Sanitation

Consent Forms and Aftercare sheets included

Proper Client Consultation

Health and Safety to building your own business

Starter kit


$500 Non-Refundable deposit plus tax, payable to Jenny's Cosmetic Tattoo and Academy

Program Costs

Fee: $3500 plus tax